Episode 112: Previewing the 2013 Torneo Inicial

The hundred-and-twelfth episode of Hand Of Pod sees Sam and Santiago reviewing the couple of weeks of transfer activity that have followed episode 111, and previewing the 2013 Torneo Inicial. First, we answer the question on everyone’s lips: ‘What is a Gerardo Martino, and why has it been chosen to manage FC Barcelona?’ after which we get into the important stuff. You know – the domestic stuff. Who have been the winners and losers in terms of players out and in? Which club have decided to get around restrictions on non-Argentine players by, erm, completely ignoring said restrictions? Can Boca possibly do any worse than they did in the first six months of the year? And how have the AFA managed to make twats of themselves since you last heard from us? Step this way, and we’ll fill you in.

As ever, you’ll find Mystic Sam’s predictions below. If you’re an Apple fan/tolerator, you can click here to subscribe to us on iTunes, and if you  want to find out how Mystic Sam does (almost) as the weekend unfolds, you can follow us on Twitter. Please. We’ll love you forever.

Mystic Sam’s first round predictions
Godoy Cruz v Argentinos
Arsenal v Estudiantes
Tigre v Vélez
All Boys
v Rafaela
Colón v Racing
Lanús v Belgrano
Central v Quilmes
San Lorenzo v Olimpo
Gimnasia v River