Hand Of Pod episode 7

In the seventh episode of Hand Of Pod, we welcome a new member to the team. Seba García, the creator of the very excellent Mundo Albiceleste, joins us for the first time as a regular fourth contributor to the podcast. Zombie is also present, and he’s not pleased at all at the performance of the kids in the Sudamericano Sub 20. We discuss the upcoming Racing vs Boca Juniors clásico, which will be without both key playmakers. Giovanni Moreno’s injury had just started filtering through when we recorded, and it emerged afterwards that Juan Román Riquelme also won’t be able to play. Mystic Dan has had another go at divining the upcoming results, after only getting four out of ten last week. His predictions are below the ‘Continue reading’ line, but to listen to the pod, just click ‘play’. And don’t forget, if you want to you can subscribe on iTunes.

Also a plug for last week’s Gib Football Show, a Copa Libertadores preview special featuring Sam along with a few other experts on South American football.

You can find each of us on Twitter too! Sam Kelly is @HEGS_com; Seba García is @MundoAlbicelest; Australian Dan (Colasimone) is @ArgentinaFW, and English Dan (Edwards) is @DanEdwardsGoal.

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