Episode 100: Brindisi, Bianchi, Boca’s historic thrashing… and a centenary!

Hand Of Pod is one hundred episodes old. And we’re celebrating in style; recording in an almost silent flat, with current and former regulars and guests. Sam, English Dan, Seba, Asli and Mariano are joined on Skype by Ed Malyon (Aussie Dan and Joel sadly couldn’t make it this week) for a podcasting landmark, and we’ve got plenty to discuss. Independiente unveiled a new manager, and the day after he was appointed he was held up at gunpoint and robbed… whilst conducting a radio interview on his mobile phone! Boca Juniors fell to one of the worst defeats in their history on Saturday, Lanús lead the league by two points ahead of Newell’s Old Boys, and there’s a lot, lot, lot more besides. We hope you enjoy this bumper edition, and we’d all like to thank our listeners very much for your support. Not too many independent, non-English-league-focussed podcasts get to be 100 episodes old. So, here’s to the next hundred!

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