Episode 146: River’s endless trophy collection, Colón are relegated and more

The hundred-and-forty-sixth episode of Hand Of Pod sees Sam, Peter and Andrés discuss River Plate’s second trophy in a week (and their third in two weeks, if you’re particularly easily pleased), Colón’s relegation/Atlético de Rafaela’s survival, the Argentine national team a little bit, and Independiente’s chances of regaining Primera División status on Saturday, among other things. Soon, we’ll have a World Cup preview episode. For now, enjoy this one.

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Episode 42: Reviewing the qualifiers and looking forward to Boca v Racing, with Joel Richards

In the forty-second episode of Hand Of Pod, we turn one year old (well, it was a few days ago). To mark the occasion, we’re joined by Joel Richards, and Seba, clearly afraid of being shown up, has scarpered. We discuss a disappointing result for Argentina against Bolivia, a very good result for Argentina against Colombia, and what it means for certain players (we’re looking at you, Martín Demichelis…). Joel also does a fine job of justifying José Sosa’s existe- sorry, place in the national side. We then shift our focus to the upcoming weekend, which sees first play second in La Bombonera. If Boca win against Racing, they’ll need just a point to claim the title. All this, plus another rant about the organisation of the Copa Argentina (a tournament Hand Of Pod is leading the world’s media in covering, pretty much). What more could you want?

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Episode 41: Boca edge closer to the title, Racing win again at last, & upcoming World Cup qualifiers

The forty-first episode of Hand Of Pod is introduced by a real-life professional Argentine footballer, Crystal Palace goalkeeper Julián Speroni. After his dulcet tones, we discuss Boca Juniors’ continuing march to the league title, and Racing’s first win in six matches on Saturday night, as well as other weekend action including a hideous broken leg at Unión, and a derby win for Lanús (which means they need just a point to completely ensure qualification for next year’s Copa Libertadores). Attention then shifts to the upcoming round of World Cup qualifiers and Alejandro Sabella’s squad selection, which is starting to annoy us a bit. Towards the end, Ralph Hannah tells us about why he’s going to be meeting Paraguay and Vélez legend José Luis Chilavert on Friday, and we discuss some of the great man’s finest moments (you’ll find a couple of videos below).

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Juan Ramón Fleita’s bicycle kick against Chilavert

Chilavert’s halfway line goal against River

Episode 37: Argentina’s mixed World Cup qualifying start, and a River Plate update

In the thirty-seventh episode of Hand Of Pod, Sam, English Dan and Seba discuss Argentina’s mixed start to World Cup qualifying, which began with a 4-1 thrashing of Chile and continued with a surprise defeat at the hands of Venezuela. What positives can Argentina take from the former, and what lessons can Sabella learn from the latter? As well as that, we give an update on the Copa Argentina – whose qualifying stage has now finished – and, with no Primera action to look back on due to the international break, Sam reviews a brilliant couple of matches for River Plate in the Nacional B, including a 7-1 win. Oh, and we fill in for Aussie Dan by reading out his predictions in dreadful Australian accents at the end.

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Episode 36: the Avellaneda clásico, the standard of the Apertura, Argentina v Chile and more

In episode 36 of Hand Of Pod, Sam, Dan, Dan and Seba are joined by Asli Pellit and her lovely new (and very quiet) dog Vinicius. We discuss Asli’s trips to Córdoba and Porto Alegre, on the latter of which she met and interviewed Andrés D’Alessandro, as well as the reasons Brazil’s championship is better off than Argentina’s at present. We look back on the Avellaneda clásico on Sunday which saw a 1-1 draw between Racing and Independiente, and argue about whether it’s a boring league season or not. As well as this, Aussie Dan and Sam consider Ferro v River last Saturday, and we look forward to the start of the South American World Cup Qualifiers, which will be more competitive than ever this time round. Enjoy.

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Episode 32: Sabella’s start as Argentina manager, Mohamed out at Independiente and more

In the thirty-second episode of Hand Of Pod, Sam, Dan, Seba and Dan have plenty to get their teeth stuck into. Alejandro Sabella’s first two matches as Argentina boss are incisively dissected, and the conclusion is cautious optimism. Moving to the domestic side of things, the role of Independiente’s barra brava in ousting now ex-manager Antonio Mohamed is considered (since we recorded, Ramón Díaz has emerged as the favourite to take over), as is Gio Moreno’s long-awaited return from injury for Racing. There’s an update on how Nacional B is treating River Plate, and Seba goes a bit doolally at the end and starts making some funny noises, including an impersonation of River striker Fernando Cavenaghi. Enjoy.

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Episode 31: Everton’s new centre forward, and the Apertura finally takes off

In the latest episode of Hand Of Pod, Sam and the Dans discuss Denis Stracqualursi, and what Everton fans can expect from him in the Premier League, and an interesting weekend of Torneo Apertura matches which saw the championship finally get going properly. We talk about Ricardo La Volpe’s possible return to Banfield (he’s since been confirmed as the new manager there), Alejandro Sabella’s possible first-ever Argentina starting XI, some animal nicknames which may or may not be used for Argentine players, and Gio Moreno’s probable return to the Racing team (via the subs’ bench) this coming weekend, among other subjects. Enjoy.

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