Episode 27: The Copa América review special with Jonathan Wilson

The twenty-seventh episode of Hand Of Pod is our look back on an eventful and historic Copa América Argentina 2011, and Sam, Australian Dan, English Dan and Seba are joined by award-winning author, journalist and editor and co-founder of The Blizzard, Jonathan Wilson, who shares his thoughts on the tournament with us over some fernet and empanadas. Jonathan gives us a tactical breakdown of why Brazil’s defence isn’t what it once was, why Argentina will never be able to replicate Barcelona, and we discuss the importance of silly hair to the Argentine footballing psyche. There are players of the tournament, praise for Uruguay and their brilliant manager Óscar Washington Tabárez, and Mister Wilson’s thoughts prior to the World Youth Cup, which he’s since travelled on to Colombia to cover. And of course, we kick it all of by discussing the AFA’s frankly ludicrous plans for the Primera División. We couldn’t ignore that.

Copa América preview special: Brazil

Hand Of Pod Brazil special
L-R standing: Caetano; English Dan; Sam. Sitting: Seba; Aussie Dan

In the third of our special Copa América previews, the Hand Of Pod crew welcome Caetano to English Dan’s Caballito abode, and much hilarity ensues. He endears himself to the listeners of this Argentine football-based podcast by slagging off Argentine football (well, he is Brazilian), and at one point actually kicks our resident Argentine, Seba (though this sadly wasn’t picked up by the dictaphone). Ahead of this week’s first leg of the Copa Libertadores final, we also get a few brief thoughts from Caetano, who’s a Santos fan. Click play to find out more about the defending Copa América champions, and how they’ve changed under Mano Menezes since Dunga left as manager following last year’s World Cup.