Episode 405: getting up to speed

In this week’s HOP Sam, English Dan and Santi catch up on what’s been going on in the two weeks since we were last able to record. It’s been an OK couple of weeks for Independiente (who at least one their clásico), an underwhelming one for Boca Juniors (even though they won their clásico … well, a shootout), a poor one for River Plate and a manager-sacking one for Racing. Much happier, though, are league leaders Colón and Lanús striker José Sand, who just can’t stop scoring goals. Oh and apparently Lionel Messi moved clubs? We’re surprised no one’s really been talking about it.

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Episode 377: the lockdown update

HOP is back! This week, Sam, Tony and English Dan give you an update on the discussions that have been had in Argentine football – and what’s happened quarantine-wise in Argentina as a whole – in the two months and a bit since we last recorded. We also answer a couple of listeners’ questions. The plan now is to record about once every two weeks until football returns, but we’re not really any the wiser yet about when that will be.

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