Episode 58: A gun-toting striker, fistfights with fans, racist t-shirts and much more besides

The fifty-eighth episode of Hand Of Pod is a bumper edition. Not only do we have both Seba and Joel Richards on the same pod for the first time since their short-lived Enganche podcast with Sam four years ago (which spawned the idea for HOP when Sam moved to Buenos Aires), but Dan and Dan are both with us as well, and we’ve got plenty to discuss. Independiente thrashed Racing in the clásico on Saturday, after which Racing striker Teo Gutiérrez almost went postal, Boca Juniors players got into a fight with Tigre fans which left Santiago Silva with fractured fingers, San Martín v Vélez was called off with five minutes left, Racing and Godoy Cruz bade farewell to their managers, and River Plate fans courted controversy with some racist t-shirts. All this and more on the best Argentine football podcast around. Enjoy.

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Episode 56: Racing’s poor form, Independiente win again, Trezeguet’s hero status at River and more

The fifty-sixth episode of Hand Of Pod sees Sam, Dan and Dan discussing Independiente’s win over Rafaela last weekend, Racing’s defeat away to Newell’s Old Boys, Boca Juniors once again topping the Clausura table and more, including the extraordinary start to David Trezeguet’s spell at River Plate. San Lorenzo changed managers this week (we recorded just before Ricardo Caruso Lombardi was confirmed as the new man) and Aussie Dan has a bit of a rant about clubs’ lack of imagination when appointing new bosses. Paulo Dybala gets a mention again, and there are more live questions, since that was so much fun to do last week. Mystic Dan isn’t trying to predict exact scorelines again, sadly.

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Episode 54: Refereeing controversy, an Avellaneda revival and Tigre’s enduring hope

The fifty-fourth episode of Hand Of Pod takes in quite a lot. We begin with Colón’s highly controversial equaliser against San Lorenzo at the weekend, a goal which will see referee Diego Abal miss at least a couple of rounds of the Torneo Clausura. After getting some of the weekend Primera scores mixed up, we then take in the revival in the fortunes of both Avellaneda sides in the last two weeks, Tigre’s climb out of the automatic relegation places for the first time this season, and discuss whether Estudiantes are finally back, and whether Racing at last have a high enough arsehole quotient in their squad. As well as all this we ask whether Atlético Rafaela and Godoy Cruz are losing it, run a fine-toothed comb over hot European transfer targets Paulo Dybala and Matías Suárez, and discuss why everyone suddenly seems to want Argentine second division players anyway. There’s even time for Seba to insult us, when we were only trying to help him with his English.

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Episode 52: An amazing own goal, Tigre’s continued battle and more

The fifty-second episode of Hand Of Pod begins with Sam, Dan and Dan in discussion of Diego Sosa’s ridiculous own goal which gifted Estudiantes a win over San Martín last weekend, and continues to take in topics including a double managerial sending-off in the Santa Fe derby, River Plate’s latest league result in the second division and Tigre’s increasingly impressive battle against relegation, which just might start to look possible if results this coming weekend go the way Mystic Dan predicts. Racing are still rubbish, so for a change we don’t spend too long on them this week. Oh, and this week’s episode was recorded a few hours before Boca Juniors’ 11-month unbeaten run in all competitions came to an end. Enjoy.

Episode 51: Messi’s Argentina hat trick, Boca’s regulation flouting and more

The fifty-first episode of Hand Of Pod sees the end of a bit of a break in recording, so it’s a bumper edition. Seba is once again, lamentably, unable to attend, but Sam, Dan and Dan are joined by the one and only Joel Richards to bring some sobriety to proceedings. Topics up for discussion include just how high up Argentina’s pantheon Lionel Messi will continue to rise, why on earth Boca Juniors are being allowed to use Santiago Silva in league matches all of a sudden, the start of a golden era for Avellaneda football (that’s sarcasm, in case you were wondering), why Argentine women’s football isn’t more visible, and much more. We should be back to something like a normal schedule as from next week.

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Episode 26: the season review with special guest Tim Vickery

Hand Of Pod end of season review

The end of season special of Hand Of Pod is an epic – an hour and three quarters – for which I apologise, but there’s good reason: South American football broadcasting legend Tim Vickery was talking to us in person over a glass (okay, several glasses) of wine, and dinner, and we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to cut anything. We discuss River Plate’s relegation, where ‘Tricky’ Ricky Álvarez could fit into Arsenal’s system (if of course he does go there), our favourite players of the Torneo Clausura just gone, and the differences between Pelé and Diego Maradona as players, as well as looking forward to the upcoming Copa América. Enjoy.

Tim’s blog is linked to above, but you can also find all our own sites with these links: Sam runs Hasta El Gol Siempre, Aussie Dan is webmaster of Argentina Football World, and Seba is the head honcho at Mundo Albiceleste. English Dan is the South America editor for Goal.com. We also shouldn’t forget enormous thanks to our host, Turkish TV presenter Asli Pelit, whose Twitter profile you’ll find here.

Episode 25: the River Plate relegation playoff special

There’s only one topic for this week’s Hand Of Pod, and we make no apologies for that. Dan, Dan, Seba and River fan Sam try to make some sense of what none of us quite thought would come to pass: the news that River Plate endured the worst day in their 110-year history on Saturday, and will have to play the playoff against Belgrano de Córdoba to avoid relegation. Who’s to blame? And how do the playoffs work? There’s also praise for a magnificent afternoon’s league action on Saturday, and Sam has a rant at Twitter. It’s all cathartic.

There’s no Mystic Dan this week, but next week will see the ‘Clausura as it would look had his predictions all come true’ presented to the world. Oh, and if you’ve not already subscribed to us on iTunes, here’s where you need to click.

Episode 24: Vélez’s title, the relegation run-in… and Martín Palermo’s retirement

In the 24th episode of Hand Of Pod, Sam, Dan and Dan discuss Vélez’s title win on Sunday, and offer their commiserations to Lanús. Sam gives an impromptu history lesson about Alumni, the first side to dominate the Argentine top flight, English Dan tells us about an amazing comeback from Godoy Cruz away to Racing, and we take a look at the weekend to come, when five games will be played at the same time due to the relegation situation. There’s praise for Godoy’s Mariano Donda and Huracán’s Javier Cámpora, and we end by looking at Martín Palermo’s highly, um, moving farewell to La Bombonera.

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Episode 23: Gambling, prostitution and language learning

In the 23rd episode of Hand Of Pod, Sam, Dan, Seba and Dan return to guide our listeners into the closing rounds of the Torneo Clausura. We cover the Nigeria v Argentina match last week which is being investigated by FIFA, Sam suggests Daniel Passarella might like to sell his body to help fund River Plate’s transfers this winter, and Seba learns a couple of new English words. English Dan teaches us about a Mexican hairless dog, and Australian Dan gets all mystic on us as usual. Oh, and we talk about some football as well! Vélez and Lanús are left fighting it out for the Clausura crown with two games to go (thouh Vélez exited the Copa Libertadores last week), and River are sweating on relegation. All this and much more lies in wait…

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Episode 22: Tevez in the Copa América squad, & your votes are needed!

This week in Hand Of Pod, Sam, Seba, Dan and Dan give their opinions on Javier Mascherano’s sterling job at centre back in recent weeks for new European champions Barcelona, and discuss whether he might also be a good option in the role for Argentina. We run the rule over Carlos Tevez and the other names in Argentina’s Copa América squad – announced right before we started recording – and consider the latests developments in the domestic league as usual. We also want your votes in a poll to find the man our listeners feel has been the best Argentine in a foreign league during 2010-11. Please send them (just the one each, please) to awards@hastaelgolsiempre.com. We’ve suggested a few names for you, but the list is by no means limiting.

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