Episode 60: A nicely laid-out league table, the Copa Argentina quarter-finals and more

The sixtieth episode of Hand Of Pod sees Sam, Dan and Dan discuss Boca Juniors’ narrow lead in the Clausura, thanks to a spectacular Santiago Silva effort last weekend, and Racing’s pitiful performance away to Lanús last weekend. We also give the Copa Argentina a once-over, now that all four quarter-finals are known, and discuss Argentina’s sides in the Copa Libertadores, before moving on to listeners’ questions which range from books on Argentine football and culture to Argentina’s WAG culture. This was recorded on Wednesday but not uploaded until now because Sam, who does the production and uploading, hasn’t been well. Sorry.

As usual, Mystic Dan’s predictions are below, and you can subscribe to us on iTunes if you so wish.

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Episode 57: The Avellaneda clásico, Clausura title race, and two cup competitions

Episode 57 of Hand Of Pod is a long ‘un, because Sam, English Dan and Seba have a derby to preview. It doesn’t help, then, that Seba has decided he’s going to watch QPR instead of Racing on Saturday morning. We look at the roles of both managers going into Saturday’s Avellaneda derby between Independiente and Racing, and also at Tigre’s slump in form, the qualifications of Boca Juniors and Vélez Sarsfield in the Copa Libertadores and of Tigre and River Plate in the Copa Argentina, and answer your questions on everything from Pablo Mouche, Jorge Sampaoli, Gerardo Martino, Arsenal de Sarandí and Club Atlético Douglas Haig (yes, there really is such a club). Australian Dan will return next week.

Mystic Dan may be in Ecuador, but he’s still emailed us his predictions for this weekend, and you can read them below. Also, don’t forget you can subscribe to us here on iTunes.

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Episode 50: Boca’s turbulent week, Lanús’ impressive start and more

The fiftieth episode of Hand Of Pod is a weekend release as we weren’t able to record earlier in the week. In it, we look back over an interesting first round of matches in the 2012 Torneo Clausura, and also consider Godoy Cruz, Lanús and Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores in midweek. Lanús, Rafaela and Boca started well with wins, San Lorenzo were dire, and Racing (in the eyes of Sam and Australian Dan) were pretty poor. English Dan disagrees on that last point, of course. We also discuss the Argentines at Catania, and some others abroad, including new Everton cult hero Denis Stracqualursi’s recent upturn in form. Thanks to all our listeners for helping us to fifty episodes (we wouldn’t have bothered if you weren’t paying attention), and we hope you enjoy the next fifty as well!