New recording kit for HOP in 2014

New recording kit
Many thanks to Doug Hart for our beautiful new microphone (and to Sam’s girlfriend for the mate sitting just behind it, though that’s a bit older)

It’s not very often we make a post which doesn’t contain a podcast episode – in fact, it’s so not often that it’s never – but this one deserves a post apart. As regular listeners will know, Sam has been talking for some time about the desire to upgrade the recording equipment we use on Hand Of Pod, and this summer that upgrade has been made: thanks to the courier services of our good friend Ralph Hannah, who brought it back from his Christmas holiday to London, we’ve taken delivery today of the Zoom H2n, our new recording device. This was paid for in its entirety by an extremely generous donation from regular HOP listener Doug Hart, who met Sam for a drink just after new year and veritably forced the cash upon him. Huge thanks to Doug, and we hope that you and the rest of the HOP listenership enjoy the pod in 2014, now (hopefully!) sounding better than ever before. The Torneo Final starts in two weeks’ time, and we’ll be recording a preview episode during the week prior to kick off.