Episode 67: The title run-in and the relegation battle; and that’s just Tigre!

The sixty-seventh episode of Hand Of Pod sees Sam and English Dan joined by Mariano again, to discuss an intriguing (or conspiratorial) run-in to the end of the Argentine season. This weekend’s matches will see the title either go to a tie-breaking playoff or handed to one of Tigre, Arsenal de Sarandí or Boca Juniors, whilst relegation matters will be settled between San Lorenzo, Banfield, Rafaela, Tigre and San Martín – and yes, I did type Tigre’s name in both lists just then. Boca Juniors’ pathetic performance against Arsenal, Tigre’s mathematical chances of both winning the title and being relegated, and fond farewells from home fans to Juan Sebastián Verón, Gabriel Milito and Esteban Fuertes – all this and more in this week’s episode. Enjoy.

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