Episode 64: Two five-goal thrillers, Boca’s Libertadores and Clausura chances & more

In the sixty-fourth episode of Hand Of Pod there’s a lot to get through. Sam, Dan and Dan take you through two five-goal thrillers from last weekend, both of which affected the relegation battles, with Olimpo now down with three matches left of the season. We look at Boca Juniors’ chances in the league (they’re now three points clear at the top) and Copa Libertadores, and briefly look forward to this Saturday’s World Cup qualifying match in the Estadio Monumental between Argentina and Ecuador – Sam and Aussie Dan will be there. We’ve a lot of listeners’ questions to answer on everything from how positions are decided in the event of a tie on points to Alejandro Sabella’s team selection in the national side.

Since we recorded, Boca Juniors put Rosario Central out of the Copa Argentina on penalties after a 1-1 draw in the quarter-final.

As ever, Mystic Dan’s predictions (for the Argentina match and the Copa Argentina games) are below, and you can click here if you want to subscribe to us on iTunes.

Mystic Dan’s predictions
Boca Juniors v Rosario Central
Argentina 2 -1 Ecuador
Racing v River Plate
Boca Juniors v Deportivo Merlo

5 thoughts on “Episode 64: Two five-goal thrillers, Boca’s Libertadores and Clausura chances & more

      1. Skype, flaco. You’ve got the technological know how with the internet machine. And don’t they play the following week, where you will presumbaly have another HoP prior to Tigre-San Desenso? Use The Force as well, if need be. Sparingly.

  1. Heh, well yes, but we prefer to avoid Skype and record in person wherever possible. The two times I’ve had to edit pods recorded via Skype, it’s been an absolute nightmare.

    Also, this (the pod we just recorded tonight) WAS the pod prior to Tigre-San Lorenzo… not sure what you mean about next week.

    1. Yes, i was under mistaken impression that Clausura resumed the week after next, due to the interantional dates. I guees the Brazaooow game not be a qualifier means AFA decided to kick it back into gear this weekend. Ergo, i thought this weeknd was a resumption of Nacional B only. I shall not doubt you again. This week…

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