Episode 51: Messi’s Argentina hat trick, Boca’s regulation flouting and more

The fifty-first episode of Hand Of Pod sees the end of a bit of a break in recording, so it’s a bumper edition. Seba is once again, lamentably, unable to attend, but Sam, Dan and Dan are joined by the one and only Joel Richards to bring some sobriety to proceedings. Topics up for discussion include just how high up Argentina’s pantheon Lionel Messi will continue to rise, why on earth Boca Juniors are being allowed to use Santiago Silva in league matches all of a sudden, the start of a golden era for Avellaneda football (that’s sarcasm, in case you were wondering), why Argentine women’s football isn’t more visible, and much more. We should be back to something like a normal schedule as from next week.

Mystic Dan’s fourth round predictions
Newell’s v Belgrano
Banfield v Godoy Cruz
All Boys v Vélez
Independiente v Argentinos
San Martín v Estudiantes
San Lorenzo v Boca
Unión v Colón
Tigre v Lanús
Arsenal v Racing
Olimpo v Rafaela

5 thoughts on “Episode 51: Messi’s Argentina hat trick, Boca’s regulation flouting and more

  1. Do you lot actually go to any games? It would seem not very often.

    No excuse for not attending several every week.

    1. We beg your pardon? English Dan goes to Racing every week – he even went to Mendoza to watch them away at Godoy Cruz a couple of weeks ago – and myself and Australian Dan have mentioned many times that we run trips to games with foreigners which normally see one or both of us head to at least one match per weekend.

      Do you actually listen to the podcast?

  2. Wow! So sometimes you go to as many as 1 per week (assuming you can find tourists to rip off). Muy impressive!

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