Episode 50: Boca’s turbulent week, Lanús’ impressive start and more

The fiftieth episode of Hand Of Pod is a weekend release as we weren’t able to record earlier in the week. In it, we look back over an interesting first round of matches in the 2012 Torneo Clausura, and also consider Godoy Cruz, Lanús and Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores in midweek. Lanús, Rafaela and Boca started well with wins, San Lorenzo were dire, and Racing (in the eyes of Sam and Australian Dan) were pretty poor. English Dan disagrees on that last point, of course. We also discuss the Argentines at Catania, and some others abroad, including new Everton cult hero Denis Stracqualursi’s recent upturn in form. Thanks to all our listeners for helping us to fifty episodes (we wouldn’t have bothered if you weren’t paying attention), and we hope you enjoy the next fifty as well!

6 thoughts on “Episode 50: Boca’s turbulent week, Lanús’ impressive start and more

  1. Y? Espero que mis “Piratas” favoritos no fueron deportados … o peor, desaparecidos.

    We’ve had 3 podcasts in a row wherein Newell’s were RIGHTLY discusssed for what i consider to be happily protracted periods of time. Now that’s podcasting at its finest!

    And now, Episode 51 is not just late, but conspicuous by its absence.

    I’m sure your schedules are busy, dancing Tango, disfrutando La Joda, but I’m running a 15k this weekend, and if i don’t have new, excitingly insightful Hand of Pod episode to listen to while I do it, I’ll send the vicious San Lorenzo bravas after you.

    And that’s no joke (It’s just not true).


    1. Patience, patience. As explained a couple of weeks ago the schedule’s been all over the place because of my (Sam’s) family visiting Argentina, which meant we were unable to record last week because even if the others were capable of holding the show together without me (which let’s face it, they’re not), I’m the one who then does the production/editing and uploading.

      Episode 51 will be recorded in a few hours’ time, and should be online in around 24 to 30 hours.

      1. Yeeees, my apologies Samuel, i forgot your parents wrre coming to visit you.

        Hope you are enjoying their visit and that they are getting a favorable imprerssion of Argentina. I’ll bet your viejo is looking for the “Miss Reef” Novelty Shop on Calle Florida …

        You are the vital cog in the HoP machine, even though Oz Dan came up with “Strac Attack.”

        So, I’ll eagerly await the inevitably informative and well produced Episode 51.

        Chau Flaco

  2. Hi guys….my first post/message here. I am Romanian leaving abroad (currently NY) and interested in Argentinian football. Wanted to say hi and happy birthday for the 50 edition. Also you asked about goalkeeppers being coaches…one name coming to my mind (also because he was active in my home country for a while) is Walter Zenga.

    Will continue to listen and hope to write you back more often with comments or suggestions.

    Take care


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