Episode 49: A very uncontroversial league name, Argentine football clubs as film genres and more

The forty-ninth episode of Hand Of Pod is the 2012 Torneo Clausura preview edition, and we begin with a brief discussion of the title name of this year’s competition, which has attracted really far more controversy than it merits in the British press. We then move on through our predictions for the next five months, to end by likening each club in the Argentine Primera (including a little-known, easily forgotten side called Boca Something-or-other) to a film genre. In between we discuss the key summer transfers, how much trouble San Lorenzo and Tigre are in and more. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Episode 49: A very uncontroversial league name, Argentine football clubs as film genres and more

  1. Stumbled on your excellent podcast as I was looking for information on the clausura season. Great stuff. Wondering if you’d be interested in some guest predictions on our weekly predictions at languagecaster.com – a site for learners of English who love football.

    Also, which club from outside Buenos Aires do you reckon has the best chance of winning the clausura or the next apertura?


    1. Hi grell, glad you enjoy the pod! Sam here. I’d be happy to do a guest slot, yes – if you click on my profile information you’ll find my email address there (or use the contact form on the ‘About’ link – to the right of the big HAND OF POD title above).

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