Episode 35: Tevez’s strop, Sabella’s latest test & Boca’s lead in the league

In the thirty-fifth episode of Hand Of Pod Sam, Dan, Dan and Seba begin with a discussion of just how much of a massive idiot Carlos Tevez is, and conclude with a reflection on Cristian Fabbiani’s suitability for the second division in Argentina. In between we discuss Wednesday night’s Brazil v Argentina friendly second leg, Seba wishes death on Diego Maradona (sort of), we wonder whether anyone can catch Boca Juniors at the top of the league, ponder San Lorenzo’s problems in the relegation zone and remark on what a lovely little player Olimpo number 10 Martín Rolle is. This weekend sees the clásico de Avellaneda between Racing and Independiente, and we also preview that, as well as answering a listener’s question on former Racing and Vélez Sarsfield star Maxi Moralez, now with Atalanta in Italy. Enjoy.

As usual, Mystic Dan’s predictions are below, and you can subscribe here if you prefer us on iTunes.

Mystic Dan’s round ten predictions
Belgrano v Argentinos
Rafaela v Lanús
Vélez v San Martín
All Boys v Olimpo
Racing v Independiente
Boca v Tigre
Colón v Estudiantes
Arsenal v Unión
Godoy Cruz v San lorenzo
Banfield v Newell’s

4 thoughts on “Episode 35: Tevez’s strop, Sabella’s latest test & Boca’s lead in the league

  1. Hello first time listener and commenter.
    Just listened to your pod and a quick query regarding Tevez and how he’s regarded in Argentina:

    You said he’s seen there at least as a Jesus Christ figure if not a God one, but how about Kun Agüero ? Since he’s the son-in-law of you know who – and with his performances with the national team, wouldn’t he be regarded there more of a JC type rather than Tevez….?

    1. Hi Webbie, and first can I just say I’m a long-time occasional visitor to your site, so it’s nice to know you’ve found us!

      That analogy obviously isn’t down to familial relations, but down to the media portrayal and the player’s popularity with the people. As such Agüero’s always going to be fighting a losing battle, having not played for either River or Boca. Independiente are one of the Big Five, but if a player goes to Europe without playing for one of the Giant Two (which isn’t an actual thing, but you know who I mean) he’s never going to get as easy a ride. See also Argentine opinions of Lionel Messi, which as we also hinted (and have mentioned in previous episodes) aren’t nearly as flattering as they ought to be.

      Hope that answers your question!

  2. Another excellent podcast, the Tevez discussion was well done right from the get go.

    Couiple of questions, asssuming you guys aren’t doing this week’s podcast as I hack away at the keyboard:

    Grondona’s apology to los piratas Ingleses – there has to be a pecuniary motivation for this, such as a (pure speculation) a home-home friendly series or something. That, or el gordo HDP esta por morir. Curious to know what you may think he’s trying to pull.

    Newell’s hires Cagna, a nice move if this were the pretemporada. But it isn’t, so i don’t like it for this squad at this moment. Who did they ask before Cagna, and why did those (if any) not materialize?

    1. Hi DaLe,

      Sorry! Episode 36 was recorded on Tuesday night, and would have been online before you posted that comment but for a Denial Of Service attack on SoundCloud’s servers, which prevented me from uploading it until later. I might put your question to the others for next week’s recording though – it could be interesting to discuss principally because I haven’t heard anything about this; I don’t think the Argentine media are paying it any attention at all!

      I’m nor sure who Newell’s talked to before Cagna, if anyone. Good managers are seldom available during the season, though, which often causes this kind of appointment. I think Cagna can do well for them, if he manages an acceptable start and gets some backing in the summer window.

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