Episode 26: the season review with special guest Tim Vickery

Hand Of Pod end of season review

The end of season special of Hand Of Pod is an epic – an hour and three quarters – for which I apologise, but there’s good reason: South American football broadcasting legend Tim Vickery was talking to us in person over a glass (okay, several glasses) of wine, and dinner, and we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to cut anything. We discuss River Plate’s relegation, where ‘Tricky’ Ricky Álvarez could fit into Arsenal’s system (if of course he does go there), our favourite players of the Torneo Clausura just gone, and the differences between Pelé and Diego Maradona as players, as well as looking forward to the upcoming Copa América. Enjoy.

Tim’s blog is linked to above, but you can also find all our own sites with these links: Sam runs Hasta El Gol Siempre, Aussie Dan is webmaster of Argentina Football World, and Seba is the head honcho at Mundo Albiceleste. English Dan is the South America editor for Goal.com. We also shouldn’t forget enormous thanks to our host, Turkish TV presenter Asli Pelit, whose Twitter profile you’ll find here.

5 thoughts on “Episode 26: the season review with special guest Tim Vickery

  1. Thank you for the excellent discussion on a variety of themes.

    You are right: This is the only footballing site to learn about the Aztec history of Mexico. 🙂

    All the best and cheers,


  2. Thanks for the cast, how did you guys get Vickery on? What a coup..
    May need a podcast about the podcast for this one…

    1. Just realised I never replied to your question Joe, sorry! The pod got neglected during the Copa and I totally forgot about it. Asli, whose flat we recorded in, is a TV presenter for a Turkish show about South American football, and got to know Tim on previous trips to Rio. She knew he was coming down for the Copa América, and told him about us and our show, and he agreed to come on. Simple, really!

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