Hand Of Pod episode 5

Zombie would like to wish all his fans a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The fifth episode of Hand Of Pod is a bumper, one-hour(ish) end-of-year special. Uploading was delayed by a couple of days due to delays in editing, but now Sam, Dan and Dan guide you through the climax of the Argentine league campaign and Independiente’s dramatic Copa Sudamericana win with the help of tamed Independiente fan Fran. There’s also an aside on players’ goal celebrations in which Zombie (pictured) has a part to play. Sound quality isn’t what it normally is this week, due to having to record over Skype thanks to Sam’s Christmas holiday in England, but we’ll be back to normal when we return in mid-late January 2011.

You can listen right here, or of course subscribe on iTunes. The HOP theme music is composed, performed and produced by Nick Ball.

3 thoughts on “Hand Of Pod episode 5

  1. Hey Guys, hope you had a good christmas and enjoying life in Buenos Aires, would love to hear from you’s what Argentines do when there’s no futbol on, they must go crazy waiting for the next season.

    I loved your comments on the Argentine B team and conca playing for Brazil, It would really hurt to see Conca wear a Brazilian shirt, I have read that he dreams of playing for Argentina and returning to River one day. The other player I would hate to see Argentina lose is Mauro Zarate, he is my 2nd favourite player after Riquelme. If he played for Italy and had a chance to run at Demichellis, heinze, burdisso, he would score every time. With a production line like Argentina it’s hard to keep all the players from playing for someone else.
    Thats enough from me, I’m glad you didn’t mention the Ashes.

    1. Of course, Pronx, if Zárate played for Italy someone would have to get the ball to him still…

      When there’s no football, Buenos Aires generally empties and everyone heads to the beach (or, in my case, the snowy English countryside…). Rest assured though, the HOP team are still working away coming up with ever better ideas for the podcast in 2011…

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