Hand Of Pod episode 4

Hand Of Pod episode 4
Zombie, one of the resident HOP dogs

In the fourth episode of Hand Of Pod, Sam, Dan and Dan discuss the denouement of the Argentine season, which will be played out between now and Monday night in the final two rounds of the Torneo Apertura. We also take a look back at the first leg of Independiente’s Copa Sudamericana final against Goiás, and you’ll hear our considered response to the announcement of the Argentina squad for the South American Under 20 championships, which will be played in Peru in January. You can listen or download right here, or of course subscribe to us on iTunes. Enjoy.

The theme music, as ever, is composed, performed and produced by Nick Ball.

8 thoughts on “Hand Of Pod episode 4

  1. I think I should mention that my wild and baseless Sudamericana final prediction over two legs was not too far off the mark. I recall saying that Goias would win the first leg 1-0 and Independiente the second 3-1. It ended up as 2-0 and 3-1.

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