Hand Of Pod episode 2

In the second episode of Hand Of Pod, Sam, Dan and Dan return to discuss last week’s superclásico and Argentina’s Lionel Messi-inspired win over Brazil. Last week’s River Plate-supporting guest Gerardo is back to give us his take on both. We also look at the race for the league title, and the Copa Libertadores qualification spots, and there’s praise for the brilliant season newly-promoted All Boys are having. The dogs, mercifully, were quieter this week, and the sound quality ought to be considerably better. Enjoy.

The Hand Of Pod theme music is composed, performed and produced by Nick Ball.

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Hand Of Pod on iTunes!

Hand Of Pod is now available on iTunes. We’ve already had comfortably upwards of 200 listeners to the first episode, so if you want to get in on the ground floor before the second episode is available some time next week, go here to subscribe to it for free via The Beatles’ new favourite music store. If you (like me) don’t use iTunes, you’ll still find the podcast available here on HOP, as well as on our lovely new Soundcloud profile page.

Hand Of Pod episode 1

Hand Of Pod first podcast
The HOP team: Dan E, Pablo, Dan C, Sam, Gerardo

After hours of sweating, screaming at my computer screen and missing out on what looked another beautiful day in the Buenos Aires spring, I have finally mixed and, if you’re reading this, successfully uploaded the first ever Hand Of Pod podcast. Dan, Dan, Gerardo, Pablo and I discuss Tuesday evening’s superclásico between River Plate and Boca Juniors, as well as briefly looking at some of the issues surrounding the Argentine national side as they prepare to face Brazil in Qatar later in the week. Tell your family and friends, tell your colleagues, and feel free to spread links to this page anywhere around the internet you fancy. For now, the episode is only available in mp3 format, but depending on demand future ones may be available in others.

Apologies for any sound problems – we recorded outdoors as it was such a lovely day, and in one or two places the volume does drop somewhat for a few seconds. I’ve edited out some parts that were completely inaudible, but please bear in mind this is my first attempt at editing sound, and as such future pods will only get better.

Thanks to my best friend in the whole wide world, Nick Ball, for the theme tune and incidental music.

Listen here (update from original upload: the podcast is now hosted on Soundcloud, but the file’s exactly the same as what you’ve heard if you’ve already listened. click on the downward-pointing arrow if you’d prefer to download the file)

Welcome to Hand of Pod!

Hand Of Pod is an upcoming podcast dedicated to Argentine football, brought to you by Sam Kelly of Hasta El Gol Siempre, Dan Colasimone of Argentina Football World, and Dan Edwards of Goal.com. In a few short days’ time, the first podcast will be online here previewing the upcoming superclásico between River Plate and Boca Juniors, as well as talking briefly about the Copa América draw made earlier today, and next week’s international friendly between Argentina and Brazil in Doha. For now though, you’ll just have to wait (but if you want stuff to read, you’ll find it on the blogs linked to above). Please bookmark this page though; the first episode of the podcast should be up by Sunday night, Argentine time.